OCT 24 - OCT 29


WSK 2017 will feature concerts on the evenings after the scheduled fora in the College of Saint Benilde in order to provide a platform for independent practitioners who produce the wealth of material from which researchers, curators, and archivists draw and re-establishing connections among a variety of different independent sound and media artists and collectives in the Philippines, the South East Asian region, and elsewhere on the globe. These programs will be handled by Erick Calilan and Itos Ledesma, artists who use sound as a medium of inquiry.

Noisebath x Ruthless

24 Oct | Tue | 9pm | Today x Future | Free admission

Lush Death x Dethomega x Slay Your Boyfriend | Kahugyaw x Drago Katzov | To Die (Indonesia)

Noisebath x Ruthless is a night of collaborative explorations of visceral, abysmal noise that which violates the eardrum and articulates its own overwhelming presence upon the body. Noise has been understood as sound that falls beyond the reach of the normal, sound that is undesirable, sound that perennially finds itself on the outside. However, it reimagines its stature and recapitulates itself within the center, operating upon the underbelly of the present and reconfiguring its situation as brutal and unwanted to construct a new center that thickens with volume and texture, not meaning.


25 Oct | Wed | 9pm | XX XX | Free Admission

Gen Thalz | Sloj | Auspicious Family | Sewage Worker | Malek Lopez | squaresolid (Indonesia) | Visuals by .G/FK/DS

The labyrinth moves, for it is constantly disorienting and reorienting a number of related and unrelated trajectories. There is sound that emanates from variegated series of calculated experiments, spontaneous electronic fluctuations, or the combination of several unexpected elements, and it takes on the function of a system with an internal sense of order borne out of a complicated network of pathways that intersect and bifurcate. The calibration of synthesizers, the manipulation of code, the animation of electric currents all create a structure that is both solid and fluid at once. LABYRINTH is a display of the landscape being reworked, a celebration of the experimental spirit that hovers over the labyrinthine soundscape of contemporary electronic music.

YAMADA TARO Street Performance

27 Oct | Fri | 4pm | Intramuros | Free Admission


27 Oct | Fri | 9pm | DULO MNL | PHP 250

Yurei | Joee and I | Pastilan Dong! | Panzerschreck | Bombo Pluto Ova (Cebu) | Visuals by Sublingua, Submachines

The hive is static yet remains in perpetual flux; it is a place of dwelling, and yet it always in the process of being built by its constituents, arriving at various methods of self-organization. It is the zone of a community that produces itself for itself and by itself, a community constantly abuzz life treading familiar territory but always attempting to expand, to diversify, to find points of intersection. HIVE will be the locus of intersection for a variety of different hives, a site for exchange between independent labels and initiatives, a venue featuring performances by a number independent artists who work within the confines of the familiar yet are in continual pursuit of the new.

x-pol – Buwan Buwan x Maltine -

28 Oct | Sat | 9pm | XX XX | PHP 350

Japan: TORIENA | PARKGOLF | Pa's Lam System | tomad | Visuals by GraphersRock and Koike Masaki

Manila: Moonmask | meh shua | Similarobjects | Nights of Rizal

Cross-pollination can be described as the phenomenon when one plant pollinates a plant of another variety. This instance allows two plants of different origins to combine genetic material resulting in offspring of a new and more diverse variety consisting of combined traits from each genetic parent. This can be seen as a symbolism for the type of cultural exchanges and that occur in the modern age. Through the sharing and interchange of knowledge, ideas and culture all parties reach a state of mutual enrichment. “x-pol - Buwan Buwan × Maltine -” is a modern metaphor on musical and cultural cross-pollination and a medium for exchanges between two important music collectives/communities from Japan and the Philippines. it is a showcase as well as an intersection of ideas, ethics, creative expressions.


29 Oct | Sun | 9pm | Green Papaya Art Projects | Free Admission

Erick Calilan | Halfsound (Australia) | Tusa Montes | Siew-Wai Kok (Malaysia) | DJ Sets by David Tarigan (Indonesia) and Joe Kidd (Malaysia)

Lautréamont sings of the beauty of the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella upon a dissecting table to underscore the harmonious disharmony of the juxtaposition of ostensibly unrelated variables. The idea of free form, free associative, free improvisation seems unwieldy and bound to entangle itself in the unrecognizable, yet there is order that emerges from what appears to be chaotic, an imagined unity urged into motion by the collaboration of fragmented objects that interact and intertwine, of sounds that work for and against each other, formlessness that begins to resemble form. Collaboration yields a communal totality, spontaneously configured by consonance and dissonance as events unfold in time.

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