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17-23 oct

8-Bit Mixtape NEO WSK Special Edition

  • Thursday, October 17
  • 14:00-17:00
  • College of 79' Creative Collaborative Room, Arete (3rd floor), Ateneo de Manila University

Learn to create your own algorithmic 8-bit music in the 8-bit Mixtape Neo: WSK Special Edition Workshop, happening this October 17

The event is a workshop open to anyone interested in assembling their own 8Bit Mixtape NEO, a versatile yet straightforward sound generator. Featuring a compact design consisting of two pots, two buttons, and eight addressable RGB neopixels, this tiny synth is powered by the Arduino-compatible ATtiny85 microcontroller making it easily programmable.

“Mixtapes” shared by other users can be loaded via an audio communication protocol to transform the 8-bit synth into a drum machine, a pitch shifter, an algorithmic music generator, and more.

The 8Bit Mixtape NEO was developed in 2017 by dusjagr, ChrisMicro (RoboterClub Freiburg), Budi Prakosa (badgeek/ manticore) and many other contributors. It is the continuation of years of research on lo-fi ATtiny synths of SGMK and Lifepatch since 2012.

The 8bit Mixtape Neo Workshop will be held at College ’66 Co-Lab, 3F George SK Ty Learning Innovation Wing, Areté, Ateneo de Manila University, from 2PM-5PM.

SOUNDTABLE: A History of Sound Art

Lawrence Ang
Marco Ortiga
  • Friday, October 18
  • 13:00-17:00
  • College of 79' Creative Collaborative Room, Arete (3rd floor), Ateneo de Manila University

The workshop will begin by examining how non-musical sound captivated artists and composers alike at different moments over the last 100 years, from Luigi Russolo’s pre-World War II intonarumori to musique concrète in the 60s-70s, and from the incorporation of "field recordings” in modern music production to the creative manipulation of “noise” in contemporary sound design.

The workshop will then proceed with a hands-on exploration of DIY culture at the crossroads of engineering and sound design via a simple circuit assembly and soldering exercise, wherein the participants will work in separate groups as they customize specially-made “soundtables” or tabletop modular structures, equipped with contact microphones, onto which the participants can select and fit a variety of materials such as metal springs and wooden objects. The groups will undergo three video-scoring exercises to acquaint them with the sonic properties of their electro-acoustic soundtables. This will aid them in their final group performance wherein they will follow a video graphic score suggesting rhythms, dynamics, and texture. The WSK Soundtable Workshop will be conducted by Lawrence Ang and Marco Ortiga.

3D Organic Vision/Sound : A FILM WORKSHOP

Makino Takahashi
Rei Hayama
  • October 21-23
  • 14:00-17:00
  • College of 66', Arete (3rd floor), Ateneo de Manila University

This three-day workshop, to be conducted by experimental filmmakers Makino Takashi and Rei Hayami, aims to maximize the participants’ senses of sight and hearing and to help them develop a propensity for improvisation through various cameraless filmmaking techniques and a brief exploration of expanded cinema.

Throughout the workshop, a series of lectures and exercises pertaining to soundscape visualization, collage-making in the context of film production, stereoscopy, and live performance. Participants will learn how to creatively render natural acoustic phenomena via pen and paper, to apply 3D stereoscopy to film, to manipulate 16mm film — both image and sound — using different materials and techniques, and ultimately, to work with different media and concepts, translating information through a series of artistic processes.

The collaborative result of this workshop will be presented as part of a synesthetic audiovisual performance wherein live improvisation and music will interact with the projected filmic output. By exploring filmmaking without the use of a camera or editing software, the workshop foregrounds the materiality of film, the tactility of image and sound, and the intertwining of senses.

GHOST OF THE ROAMING ISLANDS:From 3D Scanned Memories to Live Audio-Visual

Meuko! Meuko!
NAXS corp
  • October 23-24
  • Bank of Singapore Co-Lab, Arete (3rd floor), Ateneo de Manila University

OCT 23

10:00-12:00: Introduction - Concept & Tools

13:00-16:00: City Scanning + Submission of Scans

OCT 24

13:00-17:00: How to use the 3D models put into the AV set

This October 23-24, navigate the cityscape and create a live visual scene with the audio-visual duo Meuko! Meuko! and NAXS corp. by capturing the ghost of vague emotions, the wireless-electric-memories on the streets of Manila, and the appearances of those still roaming in history.

Meuko! Meuko! and NAXS corp. will share their knowledge in GHOST OF THE ROAMING ISLANDS, a 3D scanning and psychogeography event. Participants will be introduced to various concepts and tools before engaging in “city-scanning” Manila. Reinvestigating the cityscape together by roaming around the streets of Manila equipped with smartphones, DSLR cameras or any digital camera, everyone is invited to gather not faithful replicas of reality but ghost images of captured memories.

The workshop will be held at the Bank of Singapore Co-Lab, 3F George SK Ty Learning Innovation Wing, Areté, Ateneo de Manila University

The 3D scanned materials will be combined to the A/V set in order to create the fellow’s own work, be it music videos, live A/V set, or VR installations with a game engine. Works from the Ghost of the Roaming Islands workshop will be presented in a special performance on October 27th at the Rajah Sulayman Theater, Intramuros.


- A Smartphone, DLSR, or any digital camera for the workshop.

- Adobe Recap Photo (recommended; free with educational license), or other IOS/Android 3D scan apps